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How to lose weight sustainably? A spectacular weight loss due to excessive deprivation is often short-lived. Doing fitness exercises to lose weight and feed oneself rationally up to satiety ( but of course not beyond ) is a program to privilege with strict fasting to lose weight and not to resume it. It can even be said that fasting is the least effective way to lose weight and remain thin. The causes of overweight are the lack of regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Trying to lose 11 lbs in 2 weeks by following a severe diet to lose weight quickly is the first step towards weight gain.

For example, if after a severe 2-week weight loss program you lose 11 lbs, this rapid weight loss will result in the disappearance of 7.7 lbs of muscle and water for only 3.3 lbs of fat. This drastic reduction in caloric intake is a stress, the body reacts to this stress by sparing the fats that are reserves and burning muscle tissue. When your 2-week diet is over, you go back to your old-fashioned eating habits and your 11 lbs of fat are just as fast.

In addition, by having less muscle mass the body burns fewer calories at rest. Muscling is essential to increase resting metabolism and thus to lose weight.

Stopping eating and depriving yourself of essential minerals to quickly lose weight is a very bad solution taken in the emergency; it is not a good diet Slimming in the long term.

To lose weight and maintain a healthy weight the correct method is to follow a cardiovascular/muscle program and a diet program.


The mission of the Jhandii Challenge is to give the girls back control over their bodies.

For 4 weeks we challenge them to follow a vegetarian nutrition plan to the letter and participate in group-style crossfit/body weight classes, 3 times a week.

Our news prices are $90*. But we also offer 2 for $160. For our alumni, we leave at $60 as well as $5 discount for each new recruit. Since we are aware that everything goes through social networks we also offer a 15% off for those who are active with the #jhandiichallenge.

At the end of the challenge we resume the measurements and compare them with those taken at their first sessions to decide who will be the winner and the other 2 positions.

* Price subject to change...


Labbase 24’s mission is to restore control of your body.

What is it? We are a team dedicated to encouraging, motivating and pushing you to exceed yourself. You want to get back in shape or just feel better in your body.

Our commitment is to:

- Provide you with qualified trainers

- Offer you an assessment

- You are building a nutrition plan


The mission of MAXIMUM FITNESS is to push you to reach your limits.

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Women's month

15$ for any new subscription or renewal to the RGMT and LABBasse24 packages



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