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→ The LABB, functional training center

The LABB is the 1st Regiment Bartendaz center in the world which is based on a Bartendaz concept which was developed in the city of NewYork. The LABB is the functional training center offering the widest range of courses in Quebec, including one (1) exclusive course. The LABB is above all a meeting point for athletes looking for results.

The LABB is a group of passionate professionals who have been involved since 2012, in order to help both young and old alike to integrate physical activity and good eating habits into their  lifestyle. Today, the Labb is: a multitude of diverse and specific courses and programs (cardio, muscle ...), a running club, several conferences on the prevention of sports injuries, one of the largest sports community in social networks in Montreal, a precise, detailed and user-friendly website (lelabb.com).

Our courses and activities:

RGMT - Regiment Bartendaz (course exclusive to LABB) is a physical and mental conditioning course which leads to surpassing oneself, allows to improve one's posture and athletic performance. Several other courses such as: Abdo Fessiers, Insanity, Cardio House, LABBsanity, LABBfit, Club de Course, Cardio Kickboxing…

Since its creation in December 2012: we have recorded an extremely rapid progression rate, no doubt due to the diversity of our courses. Our customers come back for the quality of our courses and the involvement of the coaches in the progression of their performances and the achievement of their respective objectives.

Training at LABB is more than just training, it is a unique experience. Our Values: The Labb highlights values ​​such as perseverance, determination, surpassing oneself, effort, community and team spirit, respect and self-fulfillment.


Women's month

15$ for any new subscription or renewal to the RGMT and LABBasse24 packages



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We are situated at:

9800, rue Meilleur
Montréal, Qc Canada H3L 3J4

+ 1 514-500-3277

 Bus: 121 & 146
Gare Chabanel (St-Jérôme) & Gare Ahuntsic (Mascouche)

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