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1 - LABBfit (Cross Training) is a specific training combining strength, endurance, explosion, cross training and bodybuilding.

* Results = Increase muscle endurance - Weight loss - Gain in muscle mass - Improved posture.

2 - The LABBootcamp (Bootcamp) is an intensive training organized as an indoor and outdoor circuit (in season).

* Results = Improvement of cardiovascular endurance - Weight loss - Muscle strengthening.

3 - The CardioKick (Kickboxing) is a high intensity training, which includes different aerobic routines and which integrate movements drawn from kickboxing (without combat) including techniques of punches and kicks on punching bag.

* Results = Improved flexibility & agility - Increased cardiovascular endurance - Weight loss.

4 - The AfroHouse Dance was born in the 2000s and is a particularly popular musical movement in South Africa. The Afrohouse is the product of the meeting between traditional African dance and house dance.

* Results = Improved cardiovascular endurance - Coordination - Balance - Lots of fun.

* See the video.

5 - The House Dance is an urban and social "freestyle" dance that has its roots in the underground music scene of Chicago and New York. It is usually danced to electronic music with heavy, loud bass.

* Results = Improved cardiovascular endurance - Coordination - Balance - Lots of fun.

* See the video.

6 - The Abdofessiers (Abs & Butt) course is a classic of muscle training, which consists of a series of playful exercises focused on strengthening and firming the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

* Results = Improved balance - Weight loss - Muscle building.

7 - The Regiment Bartendaz (Callisthenics) is an intense fitness class, which uses the principles of calisthenics. It is practiced on the ground and on fixed bar and parallel bar installations. It is a natural sequence of movements of the body with other more specific exercises, coordinating body weight in rhythm with music.

* Results: Improvement of general posture - Development of muscle mass and strength - Agility - Coordination - Weight loss.

* See the video.

8 - LABBarres (Open Gym) is free training. Possibility of using all the  equipment of the room and fixed bars and parallel bars to practice calisthenia, cross training, physical conditioning, bodybuilding, dance, etc...

* Results = Improved cardiovascular endurance - Coordination - Balance - lots of fun.

* See the video.



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